Making Sense of the

Gig Boom


Ultimate Gig is a research project focused on understanding the gig economy phenomena. The research team is studying many questions, including why is the gig economy growing in popularity? What are the key characteristics of the many choices available? What might be considered the ultimate form of a gig economy opportunity?


The 80+ pages of the Special Report are informative, educational, and inspirational. The report is an excellent resource for companies interested in educating their internal teams and independent contractors about the gig economy. The book, under the same title, is expected to be released later in 2020. 


Special Report


The Ultimate Gig research project has brought together business expertise and academic resources that are available to companies exploring how best to market their companies.

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Thousands of people are looking to join the gig economy every day, but the options for gig work are expanding at just as fast a pace. By sharing Ultimate Gig with your prospects, you will help them navigate this new economy and also position your organization as among the very best when it comes to offering flexibility, freedom and rewards.


Ultimate Gig book

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