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Ultimate Gig Project

The Ultimate Gig project launched in 2019 with the mission to provide insight into the relevance and growth of gig economy opportunities. It is owned by Ideas & Design Group, LLC, based in Texas.


The Ultimate Gig research team includes both industry and academic experts, including graduate students, who are passionate about understanding the trends that are changing the way we embrace work. The team is expected to exceed 100 contributors in support of the Ultimate Gig project.


The researchers will apply exploratory, primary and secondary research methodology. The objective and outcomes of the research bring clarity to what is becoming a very appealing way to utilize limited working hours to enhance work/life balance. Gigs in all forms are explored, providing the authors with qualitative and quantitative data, surveys, white papers and case studies. The team has already concluded, based on preliminary research, that the direct selling model may be the ultimate form of gig work.


Meet the Authors

Publisher & Editor in Chief

Co-Author, Ultimate Gig


John T. Fleming

Fleming has been involved in the direct selling channel of distribution, directly and indirectly, for more than 40 years. He is a former executive of Avon Products Inc., former Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Direct Selling News and current principal of Ideas & Design Group LLC. His current work is focused on research, writing, selective consulting and speaking. His “voice” today is focused on supporting the gig economy conversation and helping to redefine and reposition direct selling as a proven and attractive option in today’s gig economy. 

He is a member of the Direct Selling Association Hall of Fame and the Direct Selling Education Foundation Circle of Honor and is a Direct Selling News Lifetime Achiever.


Ultimate Gig

Greg W. Marshall, Ph.D.

Marshall is the Charles Harwood Professor of Marketing and Strategy in the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College, Winter Park Florida. He is a member of the Direct Selling Education Foundation’s Academic Advisory Council and a DSEF Fellow, and a former member of the DSEF Board of Directors.

Meet the Collaborators

Meet the Collaborators

Kate Gardner 


Gardner & Co.

Gardner has 42 years of experience as an executive and strategic partner to the direct selling channel. She has co-founded two executive networking and support organizations for her direct selling colleagues: theJuice DFW & Utah and the Women’s PowerCircle. Following many years in executive roles and direct selling company ownership, she now serves and supports the direct selling community with executive search and placement.

Alan Luce



Strategic Choice Partners

Luce is the Co-founder and Senior Managing Principal of Strategic Choice Partners, LLC, a consulting firm exclusively dedicated to servicing direct selling clients, both domestic and international. SCP has served over 100 direct selling companies. He holds a Cum Laude degree in history from Westminster College, a Juris Doctorate Degree from Vanderbilt School of Law and an EMBA degree from the Crummer Graduate School of Business, Rollins College. He is a member of the Direct Selling Association Hall of Fame and Direct Selling Education Foundation Circle of Honor.

Ultimate Gig Core Team

The authors and collaborators all lead independent businesses. They are also available collaboratively for business assistance, advisory and consulting services in the field of sales and marketing. 

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