Ultimate Gig Consulting Consortium

The Ultimate Gig research project has brought together business expertise and academic resources that are available to companies exploring how best to market their products, services and income-earning opportunities in a very different and competitive marketplace.


The gig economy is based on new ways to acquire and service customers, primarily fueled by the impact of technology on the way we make choices. Fees for engagement are quoted upon request and are based on the scope of the project.


The following categories describe the resources available:



Insights, perspectives and impact on marketing/sales strategies.  

Gig Economy Research

Strategies, tactics and tools to recruit independent contractors who acquire and retain customers and enroll others who do the same.    

Digital Marketing and Communication

Structured and unstructured analytics to examine hard and soft data extrapolated from social and communication tools being used to support new strategies and tactics for growth.  


Predict the future!

Artificial Intelligence

Independent Contractor Compensation

Lessons learned from gig economy providers and direct selling companies. The value of simplicity.

Engagement, Onboarding, Development and Support 

The processes for engagement and development of independent contractors.  

Guidance, Recognition and Incentives

The links between revenue, sales force acquisition and retention, customer acquisition and retention, customer service and sustainable growth. 

Operational Effectiveness

Designed to specifically support your strategies for growth.

Consulting and Speaking

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