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Gigs Continue to Grow in the "New Normal"

COVID-19 has undoubtedly had an impact on everyone's life. Our Zoom-type calls have grown exponentially, and so has Zoom 😊. We have proven the value of innovation and human ingenuity, as most of us have hopefully adapted very well.

I cannot think of working any other way now that we have moved to this heavily virtual way. I do not miss jumping on planes; however, I know that such a statement may be more of a personal point of view because everyone may not feel the same way. I miss the more physical presence of interaction; however, I have also grown to enjoy the virtual connections. Our family, separated by many miles, feels closer because of the weekly Zoom call that we never put into the family routine until we faced managing in a COVID-19 environment. Our family feels closer, I feel more productive in my work, and the expenses are lower than ever.

We are now in the final stage of completing the manuscript for the Ultimate Gig book. We knew this was a timely project when we first embraced it, and our convictions are even stronger. Some types of gig work have been impacted negatively by COVID-19, while many other forms are thriving. The overall perspective relative to the direct selling channel has been positive from what we have heard and read.

We and others studying the space expect interest in gigs to grow, not shrink, as we navigate the future.

We recognize gigs as a new channel that connects supply and demand. Those who continue to face financial uncertainty will explore the many new choices the gig economy makes available. We also expect the popularity of direct selling opportunities to grow, even though the stigma of the past continues to be exploited by those who will never understand the merits of the model. There is much learning, innovation, and creativity on the horizon.

The demand for flexible work — where the individual becomes the owner of his or her work — will continue to grow. The trends favor the previous statement; many companies have already decided that workers will continue to work from home for the balance of the year. The concerns expressed a few months ago as to how productive workers would be in a "work from home" environment have become myths. Shopify, the gig support company, based out of Canada with over 5,000 employees, recently announced the "office-centric" work environment is over. The majority of Shopify employees are now working from home indefinitely.

There will be a lot more such stories. However, as the expression goes, "the genie is out of the bottle." Flexibility and freedom in how work can be done are expected to take on even greater meaning in the months to come.

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