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Highlights of 2019

Technology Helped the Gig Economy Grow

Another exciting year is now about to become history. A lot happened throughout 2019, and we will be forever grateful for the learning and the new opportunities.

Technology continues to play an enormous role in virtually everything we do from a business perspective. Unstructured analytics and artificial intelligence — both technology enablers — captured our attention, and our businesses will become better for both. Technology also has played a critical role in the phenomenal growth of the gig economy, and no one can afford to ignore this trend.

Percentage of Part-Time Workers Grew

The number of part-time work choices increased exponentially over the past year alone. People, especially those who seek part-time income opportunities, will continue to benefit. Currently, more than 40 percent of the working population participates in the gig economy in some way. Within a few years, researchers expect that number to exceed 50 percent. Approximately 80 percent of the current workforce is interested in part-time work opportunities.

Never before have choices for part-time work opportunities been more appealing and more diverse. These choices are an excellent service to a very diverse population that continues to seek work satisfaction and the ability to enjoy life as well as save and invest in the future.

Ultimate Gig Research Team

Another significant happening during 2019 was the formation of the Ultimate Gig Research Team. This team formed to "make sense" out of the gig economy phenomena and its impacts on various channels of distribution.

The founding team is composed of: Co-Authors John Fleming and Dr. Greg Marshall, of the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College; Core Team Members Alan Luce, Principal of Strategic Choice Partners, and Kate Gardner, Principal of C-3 Executive Search; and Sponsors Robert Cavitt of Jenkon, John Parks of John Parks Insurance Group, Stephanie McVeigh of Strategic Incentive Solutions Inc., and Yogi Shankar of Prescriptive Insights Inc.

This team made possible a Special Report (www.ultimategigbook.com), which was published as a precursor to a book under the Ultimate Gig title, which will be published by Emerald Publishing later in 2020. The team has now expanded to include Lauren Lawley Head of Lawley Head Media as Project Manager and a host of academics and graduate students, who are currently being selected by Dr. Marshall to join the research team.

Ultimate Gig is not only a title; it is a source of information committed to research, developing insights, and helping to chart the future of all gig providers and those who are selecting gig economy opportunities.

Ready to Learn More?

The Ultimate Gig is a research project with the mission to provide insight into the relevance and growth of gig economy opportunities. Order the Ultimate Gig special report today!

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