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Meeting the Challenges & Moving Forward

At the Ultimate Gig, we spend a lot of time thinking about the future. The way people work and the way the economy is structured are fundamental to shaping everyday life. As the prevalence of gig work grows, it creates waves of change that manifest throughout society.

Recent events are bringing even more transformation. The health threats of COVID-19 have created massive disruption to business and consumer behavior. And the death of George Floyd in police custody has sparked a global movement for social justice and racial reconciliation. Both events, in their own way, influence structures that either bind or divide a civil society. We are facing a most-challenging time. The choices we make today will determine our collective future.

The gig economy is not merely the newest fad associated with making part-time work more appealing and attractive. Our research has always been about so much more. We see the emergence of the gig economy as a labor movement in a modernized society. Income-earning opportunities remain essential to the economy, but they are changing as society places a much stronger value on flexibility and freedom in how people work. We have described the growth of the gig economy as a phenomenon, and it is.

Several chief executive officers of major corporations have announced that the day of the office-centric environment is over. This means flexible work is the new norm, and it must be! There is no longer a debate as companies across America, and around the globe, are accommodating the idea and recognizing newfound productivity associated with “work from home.”

Technology: Another Change Agent

As we move forward with our research and writing in preparation for the introduction of Ultimate Gig, the book, we continue to gain appreciation for the support of technology that continues to change the game. Timely, real-time reporting made possible by systems and data warehouse management enables possibilities that are contributing to a better understanding of the businesses we run. Data analytics enables better decision making and better marketing. Technology is simplifying a complex world.

The ability to pay for performance and work accomplished in almost real-time is no longer a dream; it is possible. Pay Quicker, one of our Ultimate Gig sponsors, enables gig-providing companies to pay gig workers within hours of completing the work and in various currencies throughout the world. Transportation gig providers first introduced the ability to pay quicker, and the technology is now available to other platforms such as direct selling.

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