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The gig economy continues to be a major topic in any conversation about the workforce today. Part-time work, through gig involvement, has lost the stigma of yesteryear. The unemployment rate is at a record-breaking low; however, the gig economy continues to grow. This is no oxymoron. Instead, it is a sign of a new phenomenon. Regardless of the way you define what is happening in the marketplace, people from all walks of life have more choices than ever before in terms of how they work and when they work. Gig economy opportunities are changing the way traditional companies view the workforce of the future and certainly are impacting the way direct selling companies are positioning themselves for the future. Join the conversation. Our special report remains available, and the book is coming soon!

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The Ultimate Gig is a research project with the mission to provide insight into the relevance and growth of gig economy opportunities. Order the Ultimate Gig special report today!

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