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John Fleming will present a keynote address during the U.S. Direct Selling Association’s Sales & Marketing Conference in Lake Tahoe Dec. 11-13.

Fleming’s address, “Welcome to the Gig Economy," will cover how the gig economy is transforming the world of work and bringing competitive pressure to bear on direct selling companies.

“This is an important inflection point for many established companies,” Fleming says.

“Direct selling has long offered flexibility, freedom and rewards — the very qualities that attract people to new gig economy opportunities. But people seeking those benefits have more options than ever before, and successful direct selling companies are evolving to adapt to this new era.”

The gig economy will be a common theme throughout the DSA conference. Other keynotes include “What We Can Learn from the Gig Economy About Evolving Workforce Expectations” and “How We Can Make Direct Selling the Best Choice for Entrepreneurs.” In addition, Alan Luce will be moderating a panel discussion “Direct Selling: The Next Five Years.”

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