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John Fleming Speaks at the U.S. Direct Selling Association’s Sales & Marketing Conference

An estimated 40 percent of the U.S. workforce is involved in the gig economy in some way, and as much as 80 percent may be interested.

John Fleming explored this trend in a keynote address delivered to the U.S. Direct Selling Association’s Sales & Marketing Conference in Lake Tahoe Dec. 11-13.

“Direct selling companies can be considered the original form of gig work as we know it today,” Fleming says.

“It has always attracted individuals who are looking for a combination of flexibility, freedom and rewards not typically found in a traditional 9-to-5 job. Yet direct selling companies today face more competition from the growing number of other gig economy opportunities.”

According to Deloitte University Press, 51 percent of companies plan to increase their use of contingent workers over the next three to five years. This increase gives individuals more options when it comes to working, and it challenges companies to make their opportunities stand out from among the crowd.

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